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Pezenas/France Mobility (08-15 April- 2013)

Pezenas/France Mobility (08-15 April- 2013)

     The students and teachers of Adana Abbas-Sıdıka Çalık Anadolu Lisesi realized their 4th mobility of the Comenius Project in Pezenas/France.
   The Project partners have been realizing various activities in the visited country based on the name of the project called ‘’Our Past is Unifying Us- Unity in Diversity’’ with the partner schools from Germany, Italy, France, Poland, Hungary and Turkey.
Our Project team joined several activities in the host country France, in the city of Pezenas with 2 students and 3 teachers, totally 5 participants; and Germany with 2, Italy with 7, Poland with 9, Hungary with 9 and the host country with 18 participants all together 50 people joined the activities, cultural and historical visits on 08-15 April 2013.
       The aim of the Project is to exchange cultures of the different countries, to get to know the European culture from the point of youth’s view, to share and to understand the differences and to unify our differences and common points. Our students and our partner school students experienced different cultures and we together with our students introduced our own culture. For instance we intoduced our shadow game Karagöz (The Black Eye) as one of the topics was The Puppetry. We also joined the performances and presentations of other partner countries.
The host country France presented a very fantastic show to the guests with the participation of the all students and teachers. It was a great opportunity for the students to practise foreign languages through speaking English and German with each others and teaching their own languages to each others by exchanging six different languages.

    One of the topics was the Mosaics and each country introduced and presented their mosaics and mosaic museums with some slides. We introduced our mosaics in Çukurova Region, the city of Misis and The Mosaic Museum there. It was very interesting to show them the Noah’s Ark on the mosaics and some other designs, such as Noah’s Coop and some wild and domestic animals. We also shared our visit experience to this museum. In addition we introduced Antakya Mosaic Museum and Gaziantep Mosaic Museum. All the partner countries showed some slides about the mosaics in their regions.
        It was also a great opportunity for our students to get in touch with their peers in Europe, to get to know European culture, to exchange their culture and to perceive the importance of knowing a foreign language from the aspect of contribution to their personal development. We are very pleased to represent our country successfully.
      We visited some historical and cultural places in Pezenas, Meze,Villa Loupian(Roman Villa), we experienced the mathematical works, the geometrical motives of the mosaics in  antiquity. We studied the two different workshops of mosaics: conclusions to be drawn, the circulation to be drawn: Circulation of ideas, knowledge and fashion throughout the European territory.

      We made some excursions to the Roman remains such as Lieu, the site of Lattes which is a Gallo Roman town. We also visited Medieval Castle of Montlaur and we made some archeological researches and excavations. In addition we visited some archeological museums such as museum of Cap d’ Agde and we made some marine archeological researches and experienced chemistry by getting information about the restoration of the aecheological items.

     We also had excursions to the marine museum to see articrafts found in the Mediterrranean sea .We visited the city of Montpellier and some abbeys and we experienced folklore and the gastronomy of Pezenas/Herault region which was great. We were very pleased with the hospitality of the teachers, students and the local people of Pezenas. Thanks very much Pezenas.
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