20 Kasım 2012 Salı

1st Mobility Pezenas/ France

     The first mobility of our multi-lateral  Comenius Project , ‘Unity In Diversity’–Our Past is unifying Us, was realized in Pezenas/France on 11-16 October, 2012 .
     It was  planned as an opening meeting and  the representatives of all partner countries, Germany, France, Turkey,Italy, Poland and Hungary got together  to discuss,  to plan  and  to determine the activities  and  mobilities which will be maintained  and performed  between 2012-2014.
    As for the activities planned  as contents, it was  a very productive work. We were hosted by our French partner very well and we were so grateful to all the teachers and  personnel at school.We made several visits to the museums, archeological places, some historical old towns . we also experienced some culturel visits to the places nearby Pezenas , different gastronomy and folklore. I appreciate the teachers’  and the students’ great work, efforts to show us different aspects of  their city  and we were impressed by their  hospitality indeed..
    The second mobility will be in Planegg,Munich/ Germany on  6-11 December,2012.

                                                                                           Hatice ÇAĞLAR
                                                                          A.S.Çalık Anadolu Lisesi English Teacher
                                                                               AB Comenius Project Coordinator